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Operation and construction requirements of polyurethane wall panel

Polyurethane wall panel is a building material that has emerged with the continuous advancement of the technology of the times. It has been developed for a period of time, and constantly improves its own technology to meet the needs of modern people. In addition to its well-known thermal insulation performance, it can also play a good role in water resistance, wind resistance, not easy to crack, vibration absorption, noise resistance, etc., plus a reasonable price.
Polyurethane wall panel construction also has technical requirements, mainly because the performance of the building material wants to play out, it must rely on excellent installation technology to ensure. The first is to prepare the tools for installation, and to select the appropriate time and place for installation, not in a non-ventilated environment or during heavy winds and rain. The second is to fully clean the external walls of the building, especially the base surface, without leaving any gravel stains to keep it clean during installation. When installing, make sure that the insulation board is installed correctly and whether the direction is reversed.
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